Ground Zero launches a new BMW specific subwoofer for the factory installation spaces


Most of the BMW sound systems cannot fulfill the demanding expectations of sophisticated music lovers and are not able to reach high SPL levels, neither.
That´s the reason why the market offers more powerful speakers fitting exactly the OEM drivers – so called “Plug´n´Play” solutions.


Ground Zero introduces the GZCS 200BMW-SW, a new subwoofer not only capable of high SPL and perfectly tuned to deliver best sound quality, but easily to be mounted without any changes of the BMW wiring replacing the weak factory speakers.


Optimized using the GZ´s Klippel® measuring system, the 20 cm / 8” driver features a 2 Ohm voice coil and neodymium-motor handling 160 Watts max and preferably, takes care of frequencies up to 250 Hz. Expediently, the subwoofer is available in pairs only.


The subwoofer is suitable for all BMW E6, 7, 8 and 9 models as well as for the F-series. Apart from that, it will even fit the latest Mini F-models, too.