GZDM 250AL-BassBoost (Code: GZDM 2500AL-BassBoost)



Multilayer, non-inflammable damping material with a specifically molded aluminum surface reducing the reflection of sound waves and pressure when installed directly on the backside of a dynamical speaker. This way, the music reproduction gains clarity and accuracy drastically over a wide frequency range down to low bass frequencies. Beneath the covering layer of aluminum, there is a layer of foamed PPU and another one of self-adhesive polymer based on caoutchouc with paper as anti-adhesive coating.

Technical specification
Total thickness 15 mm +/- 4 mm
Operating temperature -40° to 80° C
Surface layer bond strength min. 1.5 N/cm²
Dimensions (sheet) 250 x 183 mm / 9.84” x 7.20”
Package content 2 sheets (for 2 doors)