GZCC Reference RH (Code: 12503.)

GZCC Reference RH GZCC Reference RH GZCC Reference RH


  A perfect harmonically audio-bionic connection of the single components is created by homogeneously derived
  cable lengths from the circle constant Pi. We guarantee a convincing sound experience!


 - Pi sized High End RCA cable
 - Packed in attractive black matt carton box
 - High Tech Rhodium plated RCA plugs
 - Wires made of purest OCC copper, connected with high quality silver soldering
 - Multi layer shielding made of aluminium foil and high quality OFC braiding
 - Transparent PVC jacket with a diameter of 8,5 mm / 0.33"

  - Available in 3 versions:
    1,57 Meter /  61.81" - GZCC Reference 157RH (Hama Artnr.: 00125035)
    3,14 Meter / 123.62" - GZCC Reference 314RH (Hama Artnr.: 00125036)
    5,49 Meter / 216.14" - GZCC Reference 549RH (Hama Artnr.: 00125037)